Burt's Bees 100% natural lip gloss Review and a make up look!

Hi there everyone I wanted to do a quick tutorial on my purple eye's and do a little review on the Burt's bees new lip gloss. What can I say I love Burt's Bee's any way! Number one because it's made in the USA. What can I say I'm a bit biased for products made in my country! Ha Ha !Number two it's made of natural ingredients! Number three Cruelty free no animal testing!  Isn't it great to know that lots of products are starting to move away from the animal testing trend? Also last but not least their products are free from parabens and other chemicals we don't need to put on our bodies. As I look for products that are better for me and the environment. It's good to know that my favorite brand is on the same path as I am. Well on to the review of how this product. How did it apply? Reasonably well two coats and the color was true to what I saw in the tube.  How often did I reapply? Three times and nope it didn't get dried out and crusty. Ewww. When I applied it went on smooth. No negatives to speak of at this point! Overall I give this product an A.  Want to see more that Burt's Bees has? Go to http://www.burtsbees.com/natural-products/lips-lip-color/

 Thank you for reading let me know if  this was helpful to you. 
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