A little sparkle on a rainy day.

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful evening. Thought I'd share two of my favorite colors of the season with you.

This lovely color is called Rainy Piccadilly by  it was fitting for the day that I wore this color.
North Carolina was having a little rain spell. I am so impressed with L'oreal polishes. Every color I have tried has been true. Do you know what I mean? Some nail polishes you see a gorgeous color. You buy it and then you're disappointed when the polish is thin.  You need 10 coats to achieve the color the bottle is showing you! But with Loreal 2 coats you're done. It also dries very fast it. Plus!

I next applied Nicole by OPI in Kendall on the Katwalk to my tips for some added glitz. This can brighten any girls day. At least for me i love glittery things.

Lastly I applied my top coat to keep everything shiny  I use Sally Hansen's Complete Care 4 in 1 moisturizing treatment.

Hope you enjoyed! Til next time. xoxo

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Disclaimer: All opinions images and products are mine. I was not paid of compensated in any way.