Glycolic Acid Peels

Hi everyone! I wanted to talk about Glycolic acid peels to day. Have you heard of these? I found out about these last year. Apparently I'm a day late and a dollar short on this one! Ha ha ! Any way better late then never right? Right?  OK on to my little review. I've heard that it's best to start with the least amount of acid you can find. Hence,I found this one from Skin effects by Dr Jeffrey Dover(R). I purchased this at CVS for $25.00. It came with the soothing pads included. There are 30 pads containing 8% Glycolic Acid.

When I first applied this product I did notice a slight tingle. Nothing major where I would run around screaming and plunging my face into a tub of water. I did apply this every three to four days. After about a month I could apply it every  other day.   I decided to find another product so I did a little research  and found this one.
I started using this one in mid January I purchased it from Avon for $25.00. It's part of the Anew collection of products. It has 30 pads, also,with 45% Glycolic acid. It promises to peel away dull skin, reduce signs of ageing, and unclog pores.  I decided to try this ,because my skin had broken out so bad lately I looked like I was going through puberty again.  Using these products has helped tremendously along with a scrub and a non-comedogenic cleanser. My preferred cleanser is Neutrogena Extra gentle Cleanser it's the only one I've found that doesn't break me out. I love the lush dark angels scrub it's the best i've found so far. I'll leave the links to the products below. As always thank you for spending your time with me! xoxox

The CVS Link
The scrub I use Link Handmade Natural Soaps The link for  Avon product is here Shop my AVON store!: *

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