Hot Wired! Sally Hanson's Nail polish strips!

Hi there everyone!  I wanted to do a bit of a tutorial on how to apply these gorgeous nail strips. Can't you tell I love bright colors! It seems as if all the major companies, and the small, are getting on the nail strip band wagon. Some people don't want to try them because you guessed it they are pricey. I found these at Big Lots for $3.00 that's right 3 bucks! They don't have much selection there but you can at the least try them before you make the 9 dollar plunge. The color I got is called Hot Wired.

Here's what comes in that little rectangular package 2 eight packs of nail strips,1 cuticle stick,
 a nail file,and instructions. The nail clipper are mine I put that out in case the strips overlap my cuticles.

There are 8 strips in each pack with 4 different sizes.
First prepare your nails by applying alcohol or nail polish remover to prep the surface. Second gently push back you cuticles. Now on to the next steps!

There are 3 parts to the strip you take off the white part that's on the bottom first.  After you have taken the bottom part off,you will align the strip with you nail to apply it design side facing up. Do not take the clear part off until you have placed the strip as you like it. I repeat do not take the clear strip off until you have applied the nail strip! Or you will have wasted  a strip. With the clear strip on you can use the file,smooth side, to smooth the strip into place. If the strip doesn't want to stick you can whip out your handy blow dryer and aim it at the back of the strip on high for about 5 to 10 seconds. Once it is on as you desire,take off the clear strip.

It should look like this.

Next file the excess off with the rough side of the file or you can take some scissors to cut it first. Use the fine side to smooth out the edges and you're done!

What do you think?
Did I forgot to mention this product is DBP,Toluene,and Formaldehyde free!  And made in the USA! Horray!

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Disclaimer:All opinions are my own, Products show were purchased by me.