Mini haul from Wal-mart! Flower by Drew Berrymore

Hi! Everyone,I hope you are doing well. I didn't get to post last week due to technical difficulties. But that's past and this is present! So, last weekend, I went to Wal-mart and decided to get a few of the Flower products I've had my eye on for awhile. Unfortunely,the Walmart near me has a very small selection.  This haul won't be much ,matter of fact just four items to show!

As you all may know,or not, I generally lean toward products that are earth friendly,and not to overly loaded with chemicals.  So, Flower is right up my alley. Also the price isn't bad at all $4.98 for 0.4 oz makes it affordable for nearly everyone! Here's what I choose one polish in Thistle Or That (NP7).
I am totally in love with this color,spring anyone?

Look at that, amateur nail polisher that I am..messy messy. Any way the color I purchased here is called First Bloom. Gorgeous no?

 I saw this color and thought it would look good by itself because it was close to my skin tone. So I picked up this little beauty too. It's called My Little Buttercup. This is a lip gloss that definitely put's on the shine! I can't say that I care for the smell of it but it's not unbearable either. The product goes on smooth with and even coverage. It's not overly sticky or goey.  So it gets a thumbs up from me.

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Last ,but not least, I purchased this Brush set from Ecotools. I think the design is really cut and the fact that it's made from natural materials sealed the deal for me. I already have a full set of brushes from Eco tool so this just adds to my collection a bit more. They do help me to acquire a lite coverage very well. I also got this on sale for about 4 dollars! Bonus for my wallet!

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Disclaimer: All opinion are my own, items shown were purchased by me.