A Spring beauty haul! 2013 | Shanda G.

Hi everyone!  I'm back finally.I had a little technical difficulty recently. Which keep me off my blog this past month. With that over I hope to get back on my regular schedule.  So I'm going to start where I had stated on my video,that i would share my haul with you.
I went to Ulta a few weeks back and purchased a few things I think I am in love with that store it has hair and beauty products galore! And you get discounts, coupons,and samples really what's not to love? If you haven't  checked them out what are you waiting for?!# http://www.ulta.com/ Here are the products that I purchased there.
This one is the color mint candy apple

                                                                   This one is Kissed at Midnight by Opi in the Nicole collection.
        I absolutely love the colors in these two lines of products. Both of the makers of the polishes are made with out formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. Considered the "toxic trio". I am so glad that companies are thinking about what they can do to improve there products, health wise! I also picked up these lip balms be EOS. Oh my goodness people these things are great I have fallen in love with these things! Really that's no exaggeration! They come in a cute package, they have no dyes, extremely moisturizing,and they are naturally flavored. Yumm!
From left to right   Summer fruit, sweet mint, Strawberry sorbert, Passion fruit, and  Lemon drop.

 #Urban Decay is one of my favorite make up makers ,they are so inspiring.  This palette is very versatile
 it can be used as an eyebrow filler, shadow, highlighter, and  lips. Oh yeah I will be using this up rather quickly!
 I have very oily skin so my make-up tends to melt off my face by the end of the day. So, I decided to give this a try.  It says that it  will set your makeup and control oil. Let's hope it does cause my oily skin needs a bit of control!
 Because ,I like to try new things I decided to give these new cleansing clothes a go. My skin is oily, but it is also sensitive, go figure. If this gets rid of all the make-up and doesn't over dry my skin I'll purchase again.

On to my purchases from Wal-mart. I know you guys have heard of #Drew Barrymore's new line of beauty products  called #Flower. She has some nice nail colors available and here's one it's called May Flowers. Her polishes are formulated without the "toxic trio" which is a definite plus. The colors are true and they go on smooth. And for only 4.98 it's a steal! Unfortunately they are only available at Wal-mart for now but you can go online to order them.  You can do that here if you like.

Next in my bag was this lovely cream eye shadow called Awesome Blossom. It is a beautiful color. It looks almost edible to me. Yummy ...........chocolate............. Oops I digress. It goes on really smooth I have already tried it so I can say that it last even on my notoriously oily skin.  If you haven't looked at this product you can take a look at your local Wal-mart or on line.

My last thing tho show you is this lipstick ,also by Flower. It's in the color Petunia Petals (LS16). The picture here doesn't really give it justice  it's a lovely light fushia color.
Thank you all so much for viewing my post. I hope you have  a blessed Saturday!

Disclaimer: All views,opinions and products are my own!


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