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Hello my awesome blog readers! Happy Thursday to you! Today I'm bring you a brand that I've been in love with for quite a while. LUSH!  I found out about this company through YouTube of course. I decided to give it  a try and I fell in love. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they don't test any of their products on animals either. I mean really?! Now I could enjoy my weekly pamper time without guilt. If you have heard of Lush you will know that they have tons of quirky awesome products. So, I'm going to tell you about a few products  that I have tried.

Here we are with one of the awesome quirky products. This is a shower jelly in the scent Whoosh. It has the consistency of jello with a great citrus smell. It says on the package to use this when you feel like an alien on your own planet. Who doesn't feel like that some days?! But I recommend you not wait til then. Try it on your great days to feel a little greater. If you want to see what it looks like here's a link.,en_US,pd.html#start=2

The Eau Roma Water is a nice refreshing toner to apply during the summer. It's made from roses so the scent is floral and light. Just pop this into your fridge and apply after fun in the sun.

The next product I tried is the Mask of Magnaminty. I was so hoping this would work out for my acne prone skin. But, alias it aggravated my skin therefore it broke out even more so. For the rest of me it was just fine. It soaked up the oil from my back and left a smooth touchable surface. My back doesn't break out thank goodness but a good scrubbing mask like this can't hurt.

The next product here is the Dark Angels charcoal scrub. I've been using this for about two years now and I love it! It is messy but I think it's well worth it. It has the perfect grain to really get into my pores and get the grime out. Until recently I've been using it every day. I recommend anyone with acne prone skin to give this a try. I don't think you will regret it.

Now we get to the bath goodies. I had no idea about the wonderful world of bath bombs until the fall of 2012. I can't believe I was missing out on this! But, you better believe I wasted no time snatching up as many of these goodies that I could. Below you'll find one of my favorites of the Bath Bombs. It's called Twilight       . It has a lovely lavender floral scent. I'm obsessed guys. Really, if there were a lush store near me they would never have this in store. Most of their bath bombs have lots of moisturizers in them leaving your skin as smooth and soft as a baby.

Toothy tabs are something I found on their site that I found interesting. I love natural toothpaste. So I didn't hesitate to try it. When smashed up this has about the same consistency as baking soda. I simply wet my toothbrush and dip it into the product. It actually has a good clean with out foam. I found it great to travel with. It comes with about thirty tablets in three different flavors.

The last product I have pictured here is the Emotional Balance translucent face powder. I love the concept of a product that is made from natural products. Even though this didn't work for me. I recommend it for someone with a lighter skin tone. Although when I tried it I left it on for the day. It does a great job at keeping the shine at bay.

That's it for this post everyone! Have you tried any of these products? Which do you like best? Please follow this blog for more brand post like this. Below you will find a video for my opening of the products. In a future post I'll show some of the awesome perfumes they make.

Shanda G.

P.S. What do you think of shipping? Peanuts or Newspaper packing.

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Disclaimer: All products shown were purchased with my money. I love Lush! All opinions are my own.