Julep Maven March 2014 | The Riviera collection Review update | ShandaG.

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In my last Julep post I was talking about my first box , so this is my second. The packaging it arrived in was just as elegant as the first so I was happy in that regard. The first thing  I want to mention is  the nail polish below which in in the color Myriam. It is very similar to the first color I received  being in the red family. This polish is from the Rivera collection that Julep had for the month of March. There were about 10 different colors in the line these are just the one's I received.

The next color I received is called Soraphine. This one is not opaque as the  cream color I received in my first box. It  is very sheer. Basically the color of a base coat if you know what I mean.  

I also received this Lipgloss in  a pink color called Graceful. This color is not for me. I did try it but it's entirely too pink not a good look on my dark skin. I did try it with a more nuetual lip stick and that toned it down for it to be wearable. Although I think they need to do a survey of sorts to determine what skin color their subscribers are before sending out makeup. 

Although I was a tad disappointed with the colors in this box being almost exactly the same as my first box, I still love the quality. That sums up this post. See you in the next post!

Shanda G.

Check out the video with my opening the box for the first time here!.....

The box is $19.99 per month with free shipping. I got my first box for free and so can you using code :FreeBox
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