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Hi everyone! Well here we are on another Saturday. I hope everyone is doing fine. Today I have for you a post  from a company you may have seen from a previous video I've done. If you haven't you can check it out here....http://youtu.be/VPZQYLIj6c0  I recieved two products from them recently to try out. First I have to say the packaging is superb. It feels very upscale yet worldly as if they're something you would find at anthropologie. I love the color choices it definitely adds to the vibe.

Going along with the earthy, worldly vibe are the scents. The body butter I received  is in the scent Patagonia which has essential oils of Jasmine and Rosemary. Which lends a very light scent to it. The scent is sweet but, not fruity. It has an earthy musk that is very pleasing and not overwhelming. It reminds me of a hair conditioner that i used to use a few years ago. The shower cream's scent is called Pampas Sunrise and it has the essential oils of lemongrass and patchouli. If you know what patchouli smell like you you'll know that this is a very earthy smell. The shower cream smells more like patchouli than the lemongrass ,though I like it , I feel it may be a bit much for someone not into the earthy scents.

Now, I'd like to talk about how does this product work as you can see in the photo above it is creamy. It lathers very well. I also like that when you finish washing the scent lingers on you but isn't too strong. I have to say I really do love these body butters. The butter is so light yet very moisturising. As you can see in the photo's below. It doesn't take long for the butter to be absorbed. They leave your skin soft and yummy smelling.

If you would like go by their website to check out what other scents they have available. http://ayresbeauty.com/   That's all I have to share with you all to day! I hope you found this post to be informative. Thank you so much!

Shanda G.

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Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. Items shown were sent to me from Ayres to review. Opinions are mine.