Febuary and March favorites |Winter 2014| Shanda G.

HI everyone! I just wanted to share with you some of my favorites for the months of February and March. I had a video that went along with this, but unfortunately I couldn't leave it up. Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy this with just my photo's. 

I'm just going to hop right into it with my first favorite of February. This product is from Lush easily one of my absolute favorite bath stores. I wish there was one here in Charlotte, NC. But alias there isn't so I must be content with ordering online. The product you see here is the shower gel that is only available during the Valentine's Day season. I'm so glad I got some before it was gone. Really it sold so fast it was mind boggling. The smell is devine a lovely vanilla yet fruity scent that isn't over powering. It has lots of nice suds with out being drying. My skin actually felt moisturized. I can't wait to purchase this product again.

My next favorite is the Method shower gel. I had no idea that they made shower gel's now. I have been using method products since 2006. And they have  have not disappointed me. I just found out about this in March. I'm glad I did. They have three scents available the one called Brambleberry Gelato is my favorite.  It has a nice scent that is light and also not overwhelming. Great for the Summer when scents can be rather strong on the skin.

The next favorite of mine is a  body lotion from Bath and Body Works. I have always loved their triple moisture body cream. So it's not the cream itself that I'm talking about it's the scent.  I don't know what it is maybe the fruity scents. It has strawberry, musk and plum notes in it. I don't know how to explain it, but I love it. I purchased three of the  body creams and the perfume.

I love the way this  bottle looks so romantic. It just adds to my love of this scent.

My favorites in the nail department are both from OPI. The first one is from the Carrie Underwood collar called Sweet Daisy. This is one of the most gorgeous colors from the line to me. I feel this would complement and skin color. It's a nice pale peach color for the spring and summer. I know I'll be wearing this color  quite often into the summer.

The next item in the OPI line is the quick dry top coat. I love this product simply because it makes it easier for me to do my nails quickly. I just top my fresh nail color  with this and I'm ready to join seconds. What's not to love?

If you know me I love the EOS lip balm's. Organic, flavorful, moisturizing. I just can't get enough. I think these will always be my favorite lip balms.

Add last but not least I come to my favorite mascara for the past two months is by Flower. It is a mascara from Drew Berrymore's beauty product line. It has a 3 in 1 wand that is intended to lengthen, curl, and volumize at a twist of the wand.  It does the job of volumizing without being clumpy.  At $7.98 it's an easy favorite.

I hope you all enjoyed my favorites this month! Please don't hesitate to  share this with friends! follow me on Youtube and my blog for more!
 Leave a comment about what you liked this past month!

Shanda G.

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