Bath and Body Works Destinations Candles |Spring 2014 Review| Shanda G.

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are doing well. Today I'm bringing to you my two favorite candles from Bath and Body Works Destinations Line. I love this idea. Each candle from this line takes a scent that is well known from each country and embodying it into a candle. I believe there are about thirteen candles from this line. I have smelled quite a few from it. There are some that I couldn't find in store to try.  I may end up liking more if I get a chance to smell them! So I 'm going to get into the two that are my favorites.

The first one I'm going to talk about is the American Boardwalk. This is a very sweet scent. It smells like you're out on the boardwalk at the beach. Imagine the salty popcorn smell with sweet candy apples. You can also smell caramel. The throw on this candle has been consistently strong. I burn this in my bedroom, if I leave the door open it takes over my living room also. It has a great even burn with only about 1\4 in of wax left. I have since purchased three of these already. Yes, I'm obsessed! I also think this smells similar to Summer Boardwalk. Which it could be a repackage.

My other obsession in this line is the London Calling. If you love the smell of a freshly brewed Cup of tea then this is candle for you. It has the wonderful citrus scent mixed with the tea fresh and lovely. AHHHH! I love tea so this fits the bill to a T. This candle has a great throw. I burned it in my Kitchen and it spread through out my living room also. This one also had a great even burn  with a 1/4 in of wax left.

I also wanted to share that BB&W also came out with these scents in canisters. I think these are so cute. You can give these as presents or  travel with them. They are less expensive than the three wick are. At $8.00 I think they are worth a try.

Well that's all of the candles I tried from this line! Please check back often to see more reviews from Bath and Body Works recent candle lines for this year. I will try to post them each Wednesday.
Thank you for spending some time with me! Have a great week! See you tomorrow!

Shanda G.

 Here is a list of candles that were in the line up that I didn't try! Some of these you can still find in store.

South beach Sun
Mahalo Maui
Havana Heat
Bermuda Break
Emerald Isle
Mad About Madrid
Fleur De Provence
Sunny St. Tropez
The Greek Isles
Electric Tokyo
Sydney Harbor
Paris Daydream
London Calling
American Boardwalk
Michigan Avenue
Lake Shore Drive
Ocean Drive
and more!

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Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. All items shown were purchased by your truly Shanda G.

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