Birchbox May 2014 | Review Update | Shanda G.

HI everyone! Happy Friday to you all! School is out and now I have more time to really catch up with my blog. I hope you all are enjoying the new look I have. I think it looks more cohesive than the others.  If you are reading this and English and you speak another language. Check out the translator to the left!  Ok on to the post!
I received the Nexxus Color Assure sample pack. This is meant to help hair retain your beautiful
color you worked so hard to achieve.  The Primer that's on the far left is to be applied before you get into the shower to repel water. Until you a ready to shampoo. I found it to be oily and it defiantly made my hair slick and water repellent. The smell was also pleasant.
 After showering I applied the shampoo which cut through the repellent, but didn't completely eliminate it. There simply wasn't enough in the package to cover all of my hair. I did notice less color run off compared to my other shampoo.
The conditioner was moisturizing, but there also just wasn't enough for my hair.
Overall I like Nexxus they always make good products. Defiantly something you may want to look into if you have color treated hair.
The next product is the body lotion by Gilchrist & Soames in their Spa Therapy scent Relaxing Sea Fennel. This is the first time I had ever heard of this company. So, this is also a first impression. I like the packaging of this lotion . It is very simple yet elegant. The scent of the lotion is a very mild  lightly sweet. It is a medium to light moisturizer leaving my skin very smooth and soft. With no greasy feeling.

The shave cream by Whish was an exclusive product in this month's box. I received the scent Acai Grapefruit. I  have to say I love the scent! It's so fruity like grapefruit with some sugar on top. Yumm! The cram is very thick so applying is effortless. I tried this with and without wetting my skin first with my electric razor.  Both ways it left my skin very smooth and soft with no razor burn. Another great thing about this product it that it's Paraben, sulfate, DEA, and TEA free!
Here is the Shea Butter Lip Balm I received from Pixi in the color Coral Crush. The formula is very moisturizing. My lips felt and looked good for six hours.The color is gorgeous the photo doesn't do it justice really. I was so afraid it wouldn't look good on me. But, due to the sheerness of it, the color actually does. Yeaa! I will defiantly be looking for this in more colors to try soon.

The last product I have to talk about is the effervescent breath treatment by Thomas P. Connelly DDS. I received the flavors Honey mint and Peppermint. I found this to be a nice surprise. The flavor was yummy and it did a nice job freshening my breath after lunch. It has a very strong popping action. So, if you open your mouth some may pop out! I did pour the whole packet into my mouth though. I would by this for my self again. I don't recommend this for children under four because of the strong popping action.

Well I hope you all enjoyed  and found it informative. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! Please share this all over the web. Don't forget to follow me for more post like this!
Shanda G.

If you want to see when I first opened the box click the video below!

Prices for products mentioned:

Gilchrist &Soames-Full Size $15

Nexxus-Full Size $11.99-$17.99

Pixi-Full Size $8.00

Whish- Full Size $20.00

32 Oral Care Pack of 15 -20 $9.99-$29.50


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