Choies polka dot shirt May 2014 | A review | Shanda G.

Happy Thursday everyone! We are almost there. The weekend is so close I can smell it. Can't you? I am so ready to kick back after this week. It's the last week of school here for students in Public School. And boy have we had a cleaning frenzy! Closing up shop for the Summer. What are your plans for summer? Tell me in the comments below!
Well on to the contents of this post. Today I finally bring you something of the fashion aspect. This shirt you see here I received for free!  It's from the company Choies.
They have a Free Trial Center that you can enter once a week to win an item of clothing that you choose. If you win they contact you. Once you receive it you do your review! Awesome right!?
I ordered my shirt in the size small.  The fit was  almost exact for me. I usually wear small in most brands. As you can see in the photo's it is very low in the back. So ladies you will have to get an under garment that is lower in the back or just wear something lacy.  It is made out of spandex. I was disappointed about that. I was hoping that it would be cotton. Which can be more forgiving than spandex. But overall I think it is a nice product. I would not put it as high end. I think the quality is like forever 21. If you know what I mean. Just something you would wear for the season.
Well, ladies and gents I hope that was informative! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my post. It makes my day. Please leave a comment telling me what do you think. Please follow me, share, and like.
If you want to try the program for your self here's a link!....................... .
Disclaimer: The shirt was sent to me free for an honest review.through the Free Trial Program. My opinions are my own. I was not compensated.