Maleficent | A Book review

Monday fun day everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today I have something different for you. A book review! I have been wanting to do a book review for a while so I decided to start on my blog. I do plan on getting a schedule up soon. Which will help for any one that wants to read only certain post. Maybe book Monday's? Let me know what you think. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie BEWARE, spoilers ahead!

Now let's talk about the book. It starts out with a child that is curious about fairies. Because of a tradition that the family has of leaving food for them. As the story progresses we find that the fairies must stay hidden because of wars between them(humans and fairies).  We are introduced to Maleficent as a babe with her parents. Her parents are killed in another war between the two groups. She is orphaned now, the only fairy of her likeness left.This is where the story really begins. In time she meets a human boy that she falls in love with ,despite warnings against humans. He breaks her heart in the worst way. Betraying her affections for him and clipping her wings. In time he becomes King of the land , through more devious deeds, gets married and has a child. If you have watched snow white or read the book then you know what comes next. The child is blessed by two other fairies before being cursed by Maleficent. As the child ages she grows closer to her. Soon ,with the help of a "friend", she begins to regret the curse she placed upon the child.

Honestly, I thought this was a great quick read. It is a fairy tale, but if you know Disney it has lots of twist and turns. I love that they make you think outside of the box when it came to the kiss. I mean think about it "True loves kiss". Who could love you more than your mother?

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Disclaimer: Book was purchased by me. Opinions are my own.