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Happy book day Monday to all my awesome blog readers! Today I have for you a well know book from John Green. I saw this circling around the internet, so I decided to give it a go. I haven't seen the movie yet. Although from the looks of the trailer I think it's a winner.
 Spoiler alert! If you haven't read the book already or if you haven't watched the movie do not continue to read past this point.

For those of you still with me let's move on. The main character in the story is a female girl by the name of Hazel. She is a three year survivor of stage four lung cancer. She goes to meetings where she meets other cancer survivors. This is where she meets the other character in the story that falls in love with her instantly.  Yeah this is one of those love at first sight stories. On the first day they hit it off so well that Augustus invites her to his home. She meets his parents,watch a movie and they discuss books.  We learn that Hazel is obsessed with a book called An Imperial AfflictionIt's  about a girl who has cancer. Augustus is obsessed with a book called The Price of Dawn.  Zombie apocalypse anyone? Hazel's book is sort of the main event in this story. Without it there is no romantic trip to Amsterdam. I actually enjoyed this book.  I understand loving a book so much you want to meet the author. I understand a love that is so fast and hard it hurts. As a teenager it can be dramatic and heart breaking when it's over. Adding in a terminal illness can make it that much more. Though I wouldn't give it as high a rating as some. I still give it four stars.  Tell me in the comments below what did you think of the book, movie. If you haven't read it would you?

Til next time everyone.

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