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Hi everyone as promised I have for you today my fall candle haul. I don't know about you guys but fall candle scents are my favorite of all. I love the warm bakery scents of pumpkin and spices. The apples and leaves. They just make me want to cozy up with a nice hot cup of tea and a good book. I was super excited about +Bath and Body Works new scents for the season. I didn't get to purchase all of the ones I want to try, but this is what I was able to snag.

This first candle isn't a fall candle at all but I purchased this one because I wanted to try this one so
bad. Can we just say lemonade anyone? The lid on this one isn't anything special though just your standard B&BW lid.

Fresh Picked Fall Edition
Candles available in this collection:
Farmstand Apple
Eucalyptus Mint
Heirloom pumpkin
Harvest Peaches
Lemon Mint Leaf
I only purchased the Autum Mums in this collection. because after sniffing all of them this was my favorite. The others I have tried before except for the pumpkin. It for some reason just didn't appeal to me. It had a more roasted pumpkin smell if that explains it at all. The lids on this one is just like the Spring edition fresh Picked line. The only difference is the sticker. i can't wait to see how this one burns.

Pumpkin Cafe Collection
Pumpkin Cupcake
Pumpkin Caramel Latte
Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut
Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
Spiced pumpkin Cider

This is my absolute favorite line that they have come out with so far. I love almost all pumpkin scents! These are so good you just want to eat them. =0  I only bought the two scents you see here. But they will have a sale going on August 4 so I will defiantly be stocking up. Both of these candles have a wonderful sweet bakery scents. As you can see the lids  have the pumpkin cafe  stickers on top. 

We love Fall Collection
Pumpkin Apple
Apple Orchard
I picked up sweater weather in this collection because I couldn't get it last year. This year the color is different. I don't know if the scent is the same though. This one has a masculine scent to me. Which isn't bad. I like masculine. ;-)  But, can we talk about the lids on these? They are so beautiful! They inspire me to make things.  What do you think? DIY anyone?

The last two collections I want to mention are the Artisan Market and White Barn's Fall candles.
I didn't purchase any from these two because they weren't available at the time. But I'm giving you a list of what they have available on line now.

Artisan Market
Wasabi Apple
BlackBerry Bramble Tea
Vanilla Chia
Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding
Bourbon Butterscotch
Sea Salt and maple Popcorn
Cayenne Caramel

I'm thinking that Banana Pudding and Vanilla Chia sounds interesting. The others I have to go sniff to be sure.
White Barn Fall Collection
Marshmallow Fireside
Autumn Night
Harvest Gathering
Warm Caramel Cider
I may have a hard time not buying all of these. The majority if not all of these are repeats, but they are so good!

Well everyone that's it for this post I hope you get a chance to check out these awesome new scents! Like I mentioned above they will have a sale August 4th. So mark your calendars candle lovers  and get those arms ready for lifting! See you in the next post.


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