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Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well on this Friday. I didn't post yesterday because I knew I'd be doing this post and I wanted to try out some of the products. So I hope you forgive me. :-)  So let's get into what I received in this box.

This nail polish  is by Ruffian in the color rosary. It is a copper color as you can see below. 
After trying: I found this polish to be very opaque. I only needed one coat for full color coverage. It is a very beautiful color that complements my dark skin tone. I think this would show very nicely on any coloring for that matter. I think this color would be perfect for fall.

I also recieved this polish remover from the same brand as the nail polish. It is perfumed and acetone free. I haven't tried it yet. I will update you as soon as I do.
After Trying: This was a great remover. It was very saturated and it took off my polish easily. I used this on all ten nails and toes! With product left over to do it all again. The scent was nice but not really my favorite.

The product shown below is a hair mask by Beauty Protector. It is a cute pink pastel color and it smells delish. I'll  update you next week about this one.
After Trying: I used both bottles of this and left it on for about 10 minutes. I also used a plastic cap to keep the heat in. After rinsing it out it left my hair soft but not enough to get excited about. Maybe if I had a heat cap my hair could have absorbed more? It did have a great smell though.

The Suki exfoliating facial cleanser. This cleanser is make with sugar and it taste like Lemon heads candy! Yes, I tasted it. Ha ha! I didn't mean to it just happened.
After Trying: I found after use it is a very effective cleanser. It wasn't to rough for my skin. I enjoyed the experience. I would recommend this for someone looking for a facial scrub.

The undereye cream I recieved from balance me  got me excited to try it. I most defiantly need some undereye help. It has a nice creamy consistency. It using just a little of this I have patted it under my eyes before bed. I'll let you all know how it works out next week.
After trying: I noticed a bit of brightening under my eyes. Which was good. Anything that helps that area is my new best friend. I'll keep using it if it improves any more you'll here of it again.

Oh my goodness you all I finally recieved a lipstick/ pencil in a color that complements me. I was so excited to get this. I put it on the next day. I love the color and the consistency. It doesn't have a drag when putting it on. It is a bit minty which I didn't expect. But that was fine. Overall I like the product.

Well I hope you all enjoyed  and found it informative. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Please share this all over the web. Don't forget to follow me for more post like this. If you want to see when I first opened the box click the video below! Have any of you tried birchbox? Let me know what you think in the comments.  If you haven't do you want to try birchbox for yourself? Check out the link here!

Shanda G.

Products mentioned and their full size prices:

Balance Me- eye cream- $38
Beauty Protector- Hair mask -$25.95
LAQA & Co. - $18
Ruffian  - The Rapture Collection - Relic - $ 10
Suki-face cleanser - $ 32.95

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