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Hello everyone I hope you all had a fun safe holiday weekend! If you're not from the states then I hope you a fun safe weekend too! Well this is my third installment of Book Review monday. What do you guys think? Comments or suggestions please leave them. Let me know how I can improve your experience. Ok let's get started on this book shall we?
Today I have for you a book by Marissa Meyer. It's  the first book from her Lunar Chronicles Series. It is called Cinder. I must warn you now if you keep reading there will be spoilers ahead!

This series is of course in the Si- Fi genre if you haven't already deduced that from the cover of the book. I usually don't read many books from this particular genre. But I was intrigued by the fairy tale aspect of it. I started reading this in bed one night and lo and behold it was one in the morning! I have to go to sleep!, "I thought". So needless to say I was hooked. The opening scene we find Cinder in her tiny Mechanic shop wrestling off her too small foot. We also find that she lives in New Bejing. A loud, over crowded city in China. Within the first few pages she has an encounter with the crowned prince and has a close encounter with the plague. This plague thing is serious stuff the person gets a nasty rash and they die within a matter of days. Yikes!
Marrissa has a nice writing style that seems to flow seamlessly from one scene to another. I have to admit I do love the twist she put on the old cinderella fairy tale. Who would have thought Cinderella as a Cyborg in the future? This book moves along quickly. Cinder is plucked from her relatively quiet life as a mechanic to being a test subject to being a convict.
The main burning question I have is how are Lunars different? How does a Lunar know another on sight? Maybe you could answer these questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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