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Cress - by Marissa Meyer
Series- The Lunar Chronicles #3
Published By- Macmillion Publishers through the subsidiary Fiewel and Friends -February 4, 2014
Generes-YA  literature, Romance  novel
Pages-  635

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well on this Monday. Today I have for you the third installment of the Lunar Chronicles. I have to say I am in love with this series. I am so rooting for Cinder to come out on top.  If you haven't started reading this series what are you waiting for?! :-)

 There will be spoilers ahead!


 This story starts off with Cress alone inside of a space ship. She is watching the net for any signs of a spaceship. And also checking the equivalent of the news. While doing this she wraps her super long hair around her arm. Remind you of anyone? Yes this is Ms. Meyers Rupunzel. This book was action packed. In just a few short chapters. Cinder frees cress from her over 10 year prison.  Scarlet is kindnapped,the caption is blinded, and they all get separated in the process! I have to say I also like Miko too. She feels like more than a robot. Which is what I think that Meyers is going for. Maybe in the end something can be worked out for her in regards to a body.  ;-) I can't wait for the next book in this series. I'm so excited! Are you excited?  Have any of you started this series?  What do you think of it? Let me know!

My Rating

4/5 Stars

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