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Hello to all my candle lovers! Today I bring to you one of my favorite collections from White Barn. Which is sold through Bath and BodyWorks. These have been available in store since May of this year. All of the scents  are mainly based off of scents commonly found in the spring time. I want to talk about three that I tried.

The first candle I want to talk about is the scent Spring .
The description reads: A delicate blend of light rain, yellow daisy and sycamore woods that contains the freshness of the season.
What it smelled like to me:  This smelled like a southern magnolia grove. I couldn't really smell any thing else but that.  It has a bit of freshness which I attribute to the light rain scent it has in it.
Scent Strength:  Strong -this filled up each room I burned it in within an hour. On cold sniff it was also very strong. This is one meant to stand out in a crowd.
Burn Quality: Great quality burn pool. Although this did get a bit sooty.
Final Thoughts: The wax on this one got a little dark. I think this is a good scent for any southern belle's out there. Or if you love scents of the south. It's very floral with a touch of freshness. I'm not quite sure if this would be guest friendly due to it being so strong.

The description reads: Enjoy the newest spring blooms with this fresh floral blend of peonies, lily of the valley and a hint of pear.
What it smelled like to me: This had a luscious fruity scent of pear. It blended so well with the peonies and lily of the valley. 
Scent Strength: Strong to medium- this filled up all my rooms easily except for the largest, my living room. On cold sniff this was a very strong fruity, floral smell but pleasing.
Burn Quality: Great burn  with a nice large pool. This didn't get sooty or smoke at all.
Final Thoughts:  This was my favorite scent out of the three that I tried. I think this would be nice to have burning in the back ground of a party. I love the green color of the wax.

Pink Petal Tea Cake
The description reads: Tea for two becomes even sweeter with the fragrance of a pink petal tea cake made from garden rose petals, freshly baked cake and vanilla glaze.
What it smelled like to me:  Like roses and cake. It also had something else like a berry although it doesn't say that in the description.
Scent Strength:  Light- On cold sniff it smells strong. When burned I found that it was very light. When burned in my bathroom it fills it up. But if I put this in my bedroom it doesn't get filled.
Burn Quality: Nice burn quality. It took a little longer than an hour for this to form an even pool. But when it did it was even with medium flames.
Final Thoughts: I think this would be an excellent candle when having guest over. I also think it would make a great gift.

Other scents available in this line:

Sundress candle
Garden Party
Watermelon lemonade

Well that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it. If you have tried any of the candles mentioned please tell me your thoughts on them in the comments. Please follow this blog for more post on candles and such.


Shanda G.

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