Nature box Snack box July 2014 | Shanda G.

Hi everyone! Surprise it's a Saturday Post. I thought I'd keep to doing food on the weekend. It's just more fun that way! I love to kick back on the weekend with a good book and a good snack. How about you? What do you like to snack on. Speaking of snacks let's see what I got this time in my Nature Box.

The first snack I tried are these peanut butter Nom Noms. They looked so good with the chocolate chips and all. I was salivating at first sight. But it ended up not being that good to me. Sure they were moist and chewy, but it didn't have that peanuty flavor I was looking for. My son loved them though he gobled down the whole bag in no time flat.

The sea salt pop pops were more my style with the nice crunchy satisfaction we all want some days. It was lightly salted which I love. Who would have thought partially popped corn would taste so good?

It seems as though I recieve sunflower seeds of some variety in each box. This time it is cheddar and onion flavor. When I put this in my mouth I thought get out of town Doritos! I mean really they are that good. I can't wait to try this one on my salad!

This vanilla macaroon granola is so good. I know it will be gone by tomorrow. Granola and my family equals trouble because we just can't get enough. I love this flavor also it is a nice combo of flavors.

This last snack is my absolute favorite of all besides the almonds in my first box. It's sweet natural and satisfying. Dried pineapple. What more could you want?

Alright everyone I hope you enjoyed this post! Please follow this blog for for more post like this on Saturday's. Have you tried nature box? Which snacks are your favorite?

Nature Box is a subscription box for $19.95 a month you get 5 different snacks. You can either choose the snacks you want or you can choose to be surprised like I do! They also have other options as I mentioned in the video. If you feel you want to give it a try use my link and get $10.00 off your first box!

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