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Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I'm bringing to you a product that I tried last year. It worked so well I featured it in my Summer favorites video. I'm not quite sure how long Simple products have been around. But I saw it in my local Drugstore and I decided to try it.
On first try I was in love. It removed all my make up! I mean everything even my mascara and eyeliner. It doesn't say it does this on the bottle. But what a wonderful surprise.  It has a nice rich lather that cleans with out over drying. It also is fragrance free, paraben and oil free.  As you all know I have acne prone skin, I found it didn't help it but it also didn't aggravate it. Which was great. If you haven't tried any of the simple products I recommend this one for a start.

I also got a chance to try some of the wipes from Simple. At the suggestion of one of my awesome subscribers on YouTube. The one you see to the left is a Radiance cleansing wipe. I found this to be very moist and they cleaned my face very well. But it tended to be a bit rough. For some reason my face broke out every time I used it. Needless to say I was disappointed.

 The next pack of wipes i tried is a sample size. This one was actually a lot better than the one above. It was also very moist. The difference though was that it wasn't as rough. My skin was very happy with this one. I would recommend this  one to anyone needing classing wipes for sensitive skin.

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