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HI everyone happy tuesday to you all! As some of you may know I received my Vegan Cuts beauty box last week. Yea! I thought I 'd give you all some close up photos of everything. And also tell you what I think .

Above is the Original Sprout Hair and Body wash which is suitable for all ages.  It is a free and clear
formula which is great for anyone with allergies.
After Trying: This had really rich sudsing. The smell is nice, like baby wash. It leaves you skin feeling soft and moisturized. I would recommend this for any one with sensitive skin. My children are prone to break out with strong soaps and this was perfect for them. No eczema break outs makes this a happy mom. :-)

The body lotion shown above is by Just the Goods. They have such body loving oils in them as grape seed and vitamin E. The formula is very thick and creamy.
After trying: This was a nice thick formula. I was nearly able to moisturize with just one container. The scented one was very light. Perfect for summer when scents can be overwhelming.

The body oil shown her is by Savvy Boheme. It is in the scent Tall Americano. Why you ask? It has coffee in it Yes folks coffee. Nothing like an invigorating sniff of this in the morning! I have to say this again I don't generally lean toward coffee scents. But this one was all right. It has sweet orange oil in it so that helps to lesson the coffee smell and make it more sweet.
After trying: I so smelled like a coffee shop after applying this. But while wearing it changed more to the orange scent. I'm still not sure what i think about the scent. Despite that it is very moisturizing without being oily or greasy. Once applied it is quickly absorbed. Which is great because you don't want to stand around  a long time before getting dressed. i recommend this for all the coffee lovers out there!

This butter by Ellovi is interesting, it only has six ingredients. Guess what? You can read them all! can i just say LLOOVE it! With out trying this I commend them for making a product with great ingredients.
After trying: This was perfect for my dry areas i.e. knees and elbows. This was very moisturizing and it lasted all day. With out a scent it's perfect for not interfering with your perfumes.

The package shown here is the Emani lipstick in the color temptress. I was so happy to get this lipstick not only is it cruelty free and hydrating. But it's my favorite color Purple! I knew with out trying it that this color would look good on me. Finally my wish to get a purple/plum color came true.
After trying:  This was a great color it went perfect with my skin tone! It wasn't very moisturizing as i thought it would be by itself. But it didn't completely dry out my lips either. It does just fine if you  apply a lip balm first.

What you see above is a cream blush\lip tint by Nouveau/ Organica. It is in a brick orange color. It didn't say on the package what the name was. So that's the name I give it! I'm not sure how this is going to look on me,but I'll let you know.
After Trying: I couldn't believe how good this color looked on me. I actually received a compliment when i wore it out! I will defiantly be looking to buy more of this product.

That's it for this box. So, what do I think of Vegan Beauty Box? I love that they have featured so many small businesses,  that are, animal, and planet friendly. And we all know that it can be difficult  to get your product out there. And the fact that vegan cuts is featuring them is just awesome. If you are looking for Eco -friendly products you should defiantly check out vegan cuts. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.
 Here's a link to the beautybox... ...................
Check it out if you get a chance.  If you haven't already Follow this blog ,like,and share! Check out the video of when I first opened the box below!

Products mentioned with prices:
Original Sprout - Hair and Body baby wash - 12oz bottle $19.50
Just the Goods- Body butter/lotion- 2.29 oz / 65 g jar $ $7.00
Savvy Boheme - Bath Body Oil- 4 oz $15.99
Ellovi- Six ingredient body butter- $ 26
Emani- Lipstick in Temptress- $ 16.00
Nouveau/ Organica- Lip/ cheek tint - tin $9.99

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