Avocado and Mint Soy wax candle Review | with Shanda G.

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday to you all. I found another quirky cool candle to share with you. I went by Anthropologie recently and looked at all the candles they had. The scents they have available are different than you would find in your average candle shop. There are so many to choose from large, small, containers and looks. The one I choose looks like it would be great in a shabby chic decor. I just love the quirkiness of it.

Avocado and Mint
The description reads: A brightening fusion of fresh lime, avocado, mint and sugarcane.
What it smelled like to me: This smelled like citrus and mint and something I could not place. Is it the avocado? 
Scent Strength: Cold Sniff- this was a medium scent before burning. When lit it has a medium throw. It slowly filled my bedroom.
Burn Quality: Excellent burn no soot or smoke. 
Final Thoughts:  This would be a nice guest friendly scent. It is decidedly sweet and minty.  This is a one wick candle with soy wax and a cotton wick.  I love the look of this candle. But it doesn't burn very evenly.

Well that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it.  Please follow this blog for more post on candles and such.


Shanda G.

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