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 Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well on this Friday. Today I have something different for you all that I found needed to be in the spotlight.. What you will find below is another Subscription box. But this one is made for the moms out there. Which I think is awesome, because all first time moms need that extra help where ever we can get it. This one is from the +The Honest Company which has products for the home and family. I decided to give this service a try because a cousin of mine has his first child due soon. 

The idea behind the company itself is to provide a product that is earth-friendly and works well. Which used to be a tall order for most companies. But I think it's getting easier as the years go by. And we all want to do our best to help the environment. Yet have the convenience of disposables.
 The wipes that you see above are plant based, hypoallergenic,fragrance free, and soft. This are moistened very well. Which is great Because who wants a dry wipe for diaper changing?! I think this is a good wipe for everyday use also.. ie..hand wipes after the playground.
I didn't get to try the diapers my self because my children are long past diaper wearing times. But by looking at them they seem well made. They are thin yet stretchy around the leg area. I will be waiting on the report from my cousin of the absorbency rate. The diapers are latex free and fragrance free which means a great deal. Because when babies are young they tend to have very sensitive skin.
Now you may ask "Hey Shanda how much do I get and how much is this?". I 'll tell you. You would get 6 packages of diapers, of 44 for size 1. That's a baby 8-14 lbs. A total of 264 diapers. You will also receive    4 packages of wipes with 74 wipes per pack. The trial size version of the Diapers and Wipes Discovery Kit is free with $ 7.95 for shipping.  If you like it after 7 days the full size will become active it is $79.95 a month.  And the great thing about is you can cancel anytime.No hassle. I'm going to give you all a link if you want to check out more sizes and other items they have available. https://www.honest.com/bundles

To me I think this is a nice subscription it could be totally worth it for new moms. Any thing that makes it easier. I mean I would have loved to have this as a gift when I first had my little ones.

Thank for reading everyone! Sending virtual hugs to you all! See you in my next post.

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