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Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well on this Friday. Sorry I didn't have a post for you yesterday. I just took a day off.  But i'm back today to tell you about this hair product. I bought this a few months ago because you guessed it, I saw a Youtuber talking about it! This one is the kit that has the co-wash, two leave in conditioners, and style pudding. I though it was a good deal to try it out ,without making the commitment of a full size bottle. As you may be able to tell the products are  ethenic hair friendly. They are supposed to help moisturize and help to tame the frizz all us curly heads dread. :-)

After giving the product a try I did find it very moisturizing. Because you don't shampoo your hair it isn't stripped. I love the idea of a co-wash it helps you to clean it with out stripping. The pudding wasn't a good fit for me though. My style didn't stay any longer than usual. The formula was good it was nice and smooth not greasy. It didn't leave a residue or anything which was good. I also used these products on my son who's hair is naturally a loose curl. I did notice his became more defined with the pudding. Once his hair dried it was affected by the humidity, but not as much as mine.

I don't think I would recommend this product to someone with kinky hair like mine. But if you have a looser curl like the woman pictured on the box or more so. I say yes this is a great product for you.

Thank for reading everyone! Sending virtual hugs to you all! See you in my next post.

Shanda G.

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