Pure Maracuja Oil by Tarte | A Review | Shanda G.

Hello all you beauty fans out there! welcome to my thursday post. I hope you are doing well today! It is so sunny outside. A  picture perfect day.  Today I have for you a product that I am absolutely in love with. There are few products out there that I can say this about. And this is at the top of the list. When I first received the **Pure Maracuja Oil by Tarte I though it wouldn't fit my skin care routine. I mean really Oil for someone with oily skin?

At first I didn't apply this correctly and it did  cause my skin to become to oily. But after actually reading the directions, Duh Shanda, I applied it correctly. You are supposed to use two to three drops to your hands and pat it onto your skin. After using this for two weeks my skin has changed. The dark spots have lightened ,which i didn't expect, and my lips have become smoother. I don't believe I will be using another product for my face other that the Simple and Body shops face cleanser after this. I think I have finally found the perfect combination for my skin! The Maracuja oil is available for $17.00 for 0.60 fl oz and $46.00 1.7 fl oz. If you have tried this let me know what you think in the comments.
Thank for reading everyone! Sending virtual hugs to you all! See you in my next post.

Shanda G.

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