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Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I bring you something different for my Candle post. I know B&BW candles have ruled for awhile. But i feel like some other lesser known candles I am trying deserve some time on my blog also. There are so many good candle out there. How could I stick with just one brand? The one that you see here I purchased from Target. It is made by  Vineyard Hill Naturals based out of St. Helena California.

Lemon & Verbena
The description reads: There isn't a  formal description of the fragrance.
What it smelled like to me: This smelled like a lemon that was fresh squeezed with honey. The verbena adds a touch of herbal influence to the scent.  
Scent Strength: Cold Sniff- this was a light scent before burning. When lit it has a medium throw. It slowly filled a medium sized room with no problem.
Burn Quality: Excellent burn no soot or smoke. This had a nice deep pool.
Final Thoughts: I think this would be a nice guest friendly scent.   This is a one wick candle with soy wax and a cotton wick. The thing I like most about it, other than the scent, is the fact the glass is a repurposed wine bottle. A nice way to recycle something!

This candle comes in four other scents Green tea and Bamboo, Mandarin & Lavender,Pomegranate and current, and Olive and Thyme. And they come in two sizes 11oz and 8 oz. At $14.99 and $12.99 each it's not to much to give a try or purchase as a gift.
 I hope you enjoyed it. Please follow this blog for more post on candles and such.


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