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I must say in my life I have never liked sharks. I have always seen them in  a bad light. Think "JAWS". I mean you are always hearing about sharks hanging out in the ocean biting people. Right? But what if it's the opposite?Just think humans.... in the ocean catching your kind by the thousands. For what? Just to cut off your fins and throw the rest of you away. To rot out in the ocean. People in some countries make a delicacy with the fins called shark fin soap. Which is quite expensive. Who do you see in a bad light now? The shark or the human? We as humans have the ability to understand if we go into the ocean there are many dangers.And we gladly take those risks to enjoy all that the ocean offers. But sharks have no way to avoid the dangers we humans present them. Sure they have sharp teeth and wide jaws, but those are no match for a human on a big boat with a spear gun. 
I still don't like sharks ,but I believe they are here for a reason and deserve to have their spot in the ocean. The soap you see above and below is by Lush in their effort to bring light to this subject. It is a limited edition one made for shark week this past August.This soap is made with sea salt and seaweed. As you can see from the photo it is a great scrubber. My skin felt very clean yet not overly dry after using it.  I love the smell of this soap it is very fresh and makes me think of the ocean. This bar lasted me a week which I think is really good for it to be only 3.5 oz.
 It's not available now but you can still sign the petition against this horrible practice of finning.

See Robert's story here:

Sign the petition here:,en_US,pd.html
Thanks for reading everyone! Sending virtual hugs to you all! See you in my next post. Please leave comments below if you signed the petition or will!

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