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Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well on this Friday. We have seen lots of ice here in the Carolinas, nothing compared to our neighbors to the north though. But it is still a lot for us southerners to deal with. As I write this I'm hoping for everyone to be safe and take care of yourselves out there. 
Now I haven't done a review on birch box in a while so I hope you all are excited to see what they are doing this year. So let's dive right in shall we?

Essentiel Elements body Lotion
 The packaging on the lotion reminds me of an old fashioned medicine bottle. It is very clean and straight to the point. The smell is very light. The lotion is actually very thick more of a cream constancy.
After trying: This product had a very nice tingling affect after applying. This would defiantly feel great in the summer time after a day at the beach.

 Below is the C15 Super Booster. This product has a light orange color and is very light.The product has a dropper style applicator. Which makes for easy use of the product.
After trying:  This had a consistency like water. After using it for the past month I noticed my skin looking brighter. I did not experience any break outs from use. Which was awesome. This was a good product overall. I would recommend it for anyone needing brighten their complexion.

The soft water peel  By Aqua revel is meant for all skin types it says that it will brighten exfoliate and smooth.
After trying: The peel is easy to apply and easy to remove. After using this a few times I did not notice a change in my skin. 
The all star 2 in 1 face and eye primer.
After trying: I found this to be too light for use on my face. It just shows through my makeup. But when i put this on my eyelids. It's like wow! I love what it does for them. When I apply my liner and shadow they really pop. So bravo to Vasanti!

Sumita Color contrast Eyeliner in Antique gold
After trying: This is a nice smooth applying eyeliner. It has a great color pay off and it last all day. I'm not a big fan of the color, but I can still use it everyday.

Well I hope you all enjoyed  and found it informative. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Please share this all over the web. Don't forget to follow me for more post like this. If you want to see when I first opened the box click the video below! Have any of you tried birchbox? Let me know what you think in the comments.  If you haven't do you want to try birchbox for yourself? Check out the link here!
Shanda G.

Products mentioned and their full size prices:
Aquareveal Soft water Peel for Face | $49
Essentiel Elements wake Upepermint Body lotion |$19
Paula's choice Resist C15 Super Booster | $48
Sumtia Color Contrast eyeliner | $11 - $21
Vasanti cosmetics All Star 2 in 1 Face and Eye primer | $24

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