BIRDBOX by Josh Malerman | A Review | Shanda G.

AUTHOR - Josh Malerman
  TYPE- A novel           
PAGES- 272 Hardcover Edition
PUBLISHED- May 13, 2014 By Ecco
GENERE- Horror, Adult Fiction, Thriller
SOURCE- Borrowed from Library

Premise Excert

Most People ignored the outrageous reports on the news. but they became to frequent, they became to real. And soon they began happening down the street. Then the internet died. The television and radio went silent. The phones stopped ringing. And we couldn't look out side any more.


My Thoughts

The cover of the book is what really sold me on giving  it a try. I am so glad that I did. Malorie is the main character in this novel. It starts off with you getting introduced to her and her situation. I quickly become invested in this character. But I still feel as though some details about her are missing to relate to her better. I really wanted to know her reasoning for calling the children Boy and Girl instead of by their names. Other than that I really loved the creepy nature of the book. I mean when the most used sense of the human race is now your worst sense. How can you not be intrigued?  This book makes you ask yourself, how would you respond if you couldn't open you eyes? I think Mr. Malarian did a great job of taking us into this world of survival. i think this would make a great movie!

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