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Hey everyone! I was contacted a while ago by Beanfield to try some of their chips and I wanted to share with you my thoughts. 

 **BEAN FIELDS -Bean and Rice chips in Nacho are vegan and corn free. With 4 grams of protein and fiber.
After Trying: I like these chips better than  other Bean chips I've tried. It has a nice Nacho flavor without the cheese. Which is really saying something! Even my children loved these and let me tell you they are picky. I will be looking for these in my local grocer.

After Trying: This was an interesting flavor. I liked it for the mild spiciness it had. But it wasn't enough to convince us to purchase it.

RANCH Flavor
After Trying: This reminded me of my dorito loving days but I have to say this is far better. The flavor and texture is spot on. I can't believe these are vegan! My eldest had to beat off his friends at school. I mean no kidding. He actually told me his friends would trade their whole lunch for a bag of these!
Unsalted Flavor
After Trying: This is when you can taste the beans. Not my favorite but really good with humus.
After Trying: This flavor had a very distinct bean taste also. I mean they are made of beans right? I found this one to be really good to use for dipping also. I tried salsa and guacamole. Delish!
After Trying: This one wasn't a favorite either but with some dips it was good.
After Trying: This had a bang on flavor that I could not believe. Who knew beans could taste so good? WE just ate these straight out of the bag. Dips be gone!

I have to say my family and I enjoyed tasting these cool chips. I hoped you enjoyed our thoughts. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to leave them below.
Thank you for reading everyone! Sending virtual hugs to you all! See you in my next post.
Shanda G.

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