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WHISH SHAVE CREAM- Unlike its distant peers, this formula is designed not to foam up: instead, the rich lotion is chock full of organic and natural botanicals that soften skin. A moisturizing base of omega-rich squalene, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil protects against the redness and irritation associated with shaving, while organic green tea extracts infuse skin with antioxidants.| Full size, $20.00
After Trying: I loved this shaving cream. It smells nice and it goes on nice and thick. It created a nice clean shave for my under arms. Which is hard to do normally.

 CYNTHIA ROWLEY BRIGHTING ILLUMINATOR- Goes on smooth, dries to a pearlescent finish, and has just the right amount of shimmer. This velvety highlighter works for all skin tones, delivering a subtle sheen that lights up your features. | Full size, $28.00

After Trying: I wanted to love this. But i found it to be a little bit silvery on me. I tried to blend it out but i could still notice the silvery tone on my skin.

TEMPLE SPA PEACE BE STILL CALMING FACE AND BODY BALM- This luxurious cream goes to work from the outside in. It’s a blend of aromatherapy and skincare, with a soothing, sophisticated fragrance from essential oils and an infusion of botanicals to nourish skin. Vitamin B5 softens and hydrates, while lemon, coriander, and nutmeg extracts fend off damaging free radicals, calm inflammation, and stimulate skin. This lush moisturizer absorbs quickly for a silky, never-greasy feel.| Full size, $ 29.00
After Trying: This balm has a great smell. It was a nice light moisturizer. Although I thought it was a bit thin to be called a balm.
After Trying: I am so glad that I received these colors. They are perfect for my everyday look. The color pay off is lovely. Although the palette that this is from has a nice range of colors to choose from. Which I would recommend this brand to any one needing an inexpensive shadow palette.
WEI MANUKA BEE VENOM MASK- While it may sounds scary, the purified venom in this mask is gentle and nourishing, and combines with healing herbs to help to fight wrinkles, correct imperfections, and firm skin. | Full size, $60.00
After Trying: My skin felt so smooth after using this. I did notice a bit of tingling after it was on for a minute but nothing extreme though. Great product if you are not allergic to bee products.

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